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Below we have attempted to answer the most frequently questions asked by our customers. But if you have a question that is not answered here then please contact our friendly team of consultants on 02 8038 5080 or

Do you supply products that are not featured on the website?

Yes. Due to the extensive range of promotional products we offer, it’s not possible to feature them all. Please contact the friendly team at Curate to discuss your requirements.

How do I choose the right products?

We understand the technical and logistical side of building successful promotional campaigns – so we can recommend the right products at the right price. We take into consideration your industry, your company brand values, your budget and most important of all – your target audience. We have a lot of experience in finding the right idea for you so that means if you’re not sure what you need, we promise we have got lots of good ideas to suggest to drive your brand message.

How do I place an order?

Phone 02 8038 5080 or email .

Is GST included in your prices?

Prices shown on the website are ex GST but all quotes will clearly show the GST.

Do your prices include having our logo applied to the product?

When we send you a quote it will included the cost of decoration that meets your exact specifications.

What is a minimum order quantity?

Our team of friendly consultants can tell you minimum order quantity for any item. Minimum order quantity applies to both blank and customized merchandise. Minimum quantities will vary by product, and by the method of logo decoration. For example, if we have worked with your logo before, we can often to small runs of embroidery (even a few dozen for staff uniforms) but pad printing on pens for example will mean that several hundred will be a minimum viable quantity.

How long will it take to get my order?

We understand this is paramount to your requirements. For deadlines of an urgent nature, we recommend contacting Curate to determine if your deadline can be achieved. We can provide definitive advice as to whether your deadline can be met and will guarantee a ship date. For the majority of stock held items, 2-3 weeks is the standard production time, however it does vary from product to product depending on the decoration and artwork requirements.

Will I get my order on time?

While we can guarantee a ship date, it is not possible to guarantee the delivery schedule of 3rd party couriers. We strive to ensure delivery of your order happens on time and are happy to discuss your requirements in further details. As a result of working in this industry for a long time, we have delivered literally thousands of orders, with missed deadlines less than you can count on one hand.

Am I able to order less than the minimum quantity?

In most cases, when you start to do small quantities the costs grow exponentially.  So, while it is possible it may not be economical.

What if I don’t have artwork?

No problem, we can help. For complex art, we will discuss the cost of producing print-ready artwork with you. We can also produce print-ready artwork from letterheads, business cards, or computer-generated art. Remember, artwork should never get in the way of doing a promotion. If you can’t find art that meets our requirements, we can always assist.

What graphic file type should I send you?

EPS, Illustrator, Corel Draw or PDF in a ‘Vector’ format are ideal, with text converted to outline. Typically art files like jpeg, gif, tiff and word are not useable forms of art – if  this is all you have, then we can have your logo redrawn for a small fee.

What is print-ready art?

In short, art that ensures a good print result. Art which maintains its clarity regardless of the level of magnification is a good sign.

What if I want a specific colour printed on an item?

This is not a problem for most of our range. Most products can be printed to a nominated ‘PMS’ colour (short for Pantone Matching System®). Find a PANTONE Colour. You should be aware that all monitors are calibrated differently and the colour you see on the screen will vary from monitor to monitor, but it’s a good starting point to work with.

Where do I send my art?

Please send your artwork directly to your Account Manager. If you do not have one, please call 02 8038 5080 to speak with a consultant.

Do you keep my artwork on file?

Yes. We keep your electronic artwork on file in order for easy reference for a repeat order, or for a new order of a different product.

Do you charge a set up charge?

Your quote will detail if there is a setup fee or not. In most cases we like to make life simple and include the fees.

Can my logo appear in more than one position on the product I have selected?

Multiple position decoration depends on the product selected. Many of our products can be decorated in more than one position, however you will need to discuss with our consultants to confirm if possible based on the product you have selected. Typically decorating in a second position will be at an additional cost.

My logo is usually printed in more than 1 colour – does your price include multiple colour printing?

The quote you get will detail the # colours and # positions. It also depends on the decoration technique. Laser Engraving for example, implies an etching process with no colour used at all, while Full Colour Process means you can print as many colours as you like. It depends on the product itself. Please contact Curate  to discuss your requirements in further detail.

Do you offer items not featured on your website?

Yes. We have access to thousands of items not featured. Please contact us to discuss. We are also active importers, with decades of experience in importing, we can find what you need.

What is Four-Color Process?

The process with the reproduction of full-colour artwork through the combination of four process ink colours – magenta (red), cyan (blue), yellow and black – in specified intensities. Colours are separated into individual colour plates so that when printed in register, they produce a full-colour illustration. Four-color separations refer specifically to the process colours: magenta, cyan, yellow and black. Typically used for Mouse Mats, Magnets and Stickers.

What is a Halftone?

A Halftone is the reproduction of a continuous tone artwork (such as a photograph) done by filtering light through a screen that converts the image into a pattern of dots of varying size. Think of a ‘black and white’ newspaper.

What is Embroidery?

The process of stitching your design onto material through the use of high speed, computer controlled sewing machines. The design is reproduced with tightly-stitched thread. Fine details can be difficult to achieve. Typically used for products such as Polo Shirts, Bags, Jackets and Headwear.

What is Heat Transfer Printing with Sublimation?

The process of Heat Transfer Printing with Sublimation is one in which a design is transferred to a synthetic fabric by heat and pressure. The heat causes the inks to turn into a gas so that they penetrate the fabric and combine with it to form a permanent imprint. Microfiber Lens Cloths utilise this versatile decoration process.

 What is Laser Engraving?

The process of Laser Engraving is the method in which an optically-read or stencilled art/copy is engraved into a surface by a laser beam. Typically used for products such as high end pens, key tags and desktop accessories, anything Metal.

What is Pad Printing?

The most prominent decoration technique used in our industry. Pad printing is the process of transferring an etched image from a printing plate using ink to the desired product via a soft silicon pad. Pad printing is excellent for imprinting small, unusually-shaped objects for which screen printing is not practical. Typically used for products such as pens, containers and rulers.

What is Screen Printing?

Screen Printing in general is the process of forcing ink, by pressing with a squeegee, through the mesh or netting of a screen stretched on a frame onto the product to be printed. Screens are treated with a light-sensitive emulsion, and then the film positives are put in contact with the screens and exposed to a strong light. The light hardens the emulsion not covered by the film leaving a soft area on the screen for the squeegee to force ink through. Also called “silk screening” or “serigraphy”. Typically used for products such as tote bags, t-shirts, signs, stubby coolers and pens.

What is Blind Embossing?

Blind embossing is the process of creating a stamped design into a product. This process is achieved through means of applying heat and pressure via an engraved metal block of the image desired on to the item. To be blind embossed, this heat and pressure stamps the image into the product much like branding a cow. Blind embossing is most commonly used on products such as compendiums, diaries and business card holders.

What is Foil Stamping?

Foil stamping process uses heat and pressure to transfer colour from a coloured roll of foil to the product. It requires an etched metal plate that heat and pressure is applied and then between the metal block and the product to be foil stamped the coloured foil is run through. Foil stamping can be applied to surfaces such as plastic, timber, leather, cardboard and paper and is most commonly used on compendiums and diaries. It is almost identical to blind embossing except a coloured foil is used.

Do I get an artwork proof prior to production of my order?

Our trained staff will prepare an electronic proof of your artwork, and even make recommendations if you would like assistance. These Art Detail Sheets can be emailed or faxed to you for your review and are typically sent along with your Order Acknowledgment and must be approved prior to the commencement of full production of your order. This step in our ordering process ensures that your order will be processed accurately. These will detail the item, the position, the colours and the size.

Do I get a Pre-production Proof Sample of my order?

Please discuss your option for a Pre-production Sample with your Account Manager today. For most items it can be done at an additional cost and extends the delivery timeframe. We find that the accuracy of our artwork proofs mean you can have complete confidence in what you will get.

I’m a first time client, what are my payment requirements?

First-time orders with Curate require payment in full upon sign off of artwork and prior to production. Please be aware that forms of payment that require funds to clear into our account can delay your order. We will not start production of your order until our bank has cleared your funds.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We recommend the use of a credit card to facilitate rapid fulfilment of your order. We are happy to accept MasterCard and VISA, as well as American Express. Please note, American Express cards will incur a 3.2% surcharge. We also accept payment by EFT. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Can I set up an account for payment terms?

We will be happy to set up a corporate account with you. Please request an application at sales@. Once completed and returned, the Credit review typically takes 10 business days and production will not begin on orders until the review process is complete and approved. If your order is urgent, payment upfront may be required to secure delivery date. On completion of the review process of your application, we will notify you of the outcome. Our terms are 14 days from invoice if accepted.

Do you supply your products worldwide?

Yes. All of our promotional products are available for shipment worldwide. Please note the prices quoted are in Australian dollars and exclude freight costs to all international destinations. We often ship products throughout Australia to events, and have often sent products to Asia and New Zealand for conferences etc.

What are Overages and Shortages?

We try to produce your order in the exact quantity ordered, but this is not always possible due to quality control efforts and fast running machines. We reserve the right to ship and subsequently invoice or credit, your charge card or account, for up to 10% over or under the desired quantity. This is RARE.

Do your prices include freight?

We itemise freight prices on the quote you will receive from us.

Can I cancel or alter an existing order?

Once an Order Acknowledgment and Art Detail Sheet is approved, we cannot guarantee our ability to make changes or cancellations to an order. We will make every effort to comply with your request. If you have already signed your Order Acknowledgement and Art Detail Sheet some charged may apply. Charges may include but are not limited to setup charges, artwork preparation charges, shipping charges and restocking fees. All completed work and costs incurred will be the responsibility of the customer.