Creating Lasting Impressions

Logo Method – Laser Engraving


Laser Engraving is a great method of putting your permanent logo on items.  It is a process of removing material from a surface using laser light, either through ablation or vaporisation.  Suitable for many different metals and coated metals.

Laser etching is basically the same as above however usually refers to glass or lithographic plates.

What we can engrave:

YAG Engraving are materials such as aluminum, natural and anodised, steel, stainless steel, titanium, brass, copper and more.

Common products are Pens, Keyrings, Torches, Photo frames, travel mugs, dogtags, clocks , desk items the list is endless.

CO2 Engraving are materials such as leather, wood, glass, anodised aluminium, acrylic and other organic materials like rock, shell, leather and denium.

Common products are Acyrlic frames, Glassware, Leather Coasters,/Keyrings, Wooden frames,/Coasters/Keyrings/Pens/Chopping boards.

Co2 engraving on a number of unusual surfaces leaving a dark mark on wood and leather, a light marke on acrylic, glass or anodised aluminium, bleaching denim, or removing the fuss on poly fleece are all great examples of what can be done with Co2 laser engraving