Creating Lasting Impressions

Promotional products at trade shows

Trade  shows are like an acceleration of the real world:

  • There is a time compression – an entire market in 2-3 days
  • Geographic compression – all your competitors in one spot
  • Marketing compression – all your customers in one spot

If you thought that customer attention was hard  to get in the ‘real world’, a trade  show is ten times harder. Whatever industry you are in, a trade show suits someone with an attention span of 2 minutes. How do you get attention in the middle of all of this?

Plus, you spend a large amount of money to be at the show – you pay for the space, you pay for the stand you’ve had built, you pay for staff. So, the show needs to perform for you!

Promotional products may just seem like another expense, but they shouldn’t. They are an investment if done properly.

Promotional products should add to your efforts, and work towards your marketing goals.

With that in mind, here’s some ideas to make sure you get the best value from your promotional products:

  • Make them targeted – if you give away something everyone wants, you’ll attract everyone. Is ‘everyone’ your market? A better product is one that appeals to just your target market.
  • Make them work – get something for them in return. Make sure that you’re collecting names, or  better still , have someone fill out an inquiry form so that you have a lead.
  • Choose based on the value of a lead – if you know what a lead is worth, you’ll be prepared to spend something to get it.
  • Go for longevity.  Avoid candy and promotional water. The product lasts about five minutes then ends up in the bin, so your investment may be wasted.
  • Get your contact details and main product benefit on the item – don’t assume it will stay near your other marketing materials, or that people will remember anything about you. Remember, they’ve just been to 200 stands!
  • Get expert advice – call someone that has a great product choice like